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We're based in beautiful Santa Barbara, California and our mission is to provide you with very highest quality consulting services delivered per specification, on time, every time.

We are dedicated to helping you achieve greater success by providing targeted technical education, improving your overall level of Engineering Excellence as well as directly contributing to the development of your products and services. Your success and satisfaction is what makes or breaks our business.

Mission Ridge Software Consulting LLC is a sole proprietorship owned and operated by Jon Marinello. However, from time-to-time we may bring additional resources to bear on a project depending on urgency and project complexity.

The Team

Jon Marinello

Hi, I'm Jon Marinello, the founder and CTO of Mission Ridge Software Consulting LLC which began operations in 2011. I have over 30 years of experience developing highly scalable, reliable and available software systems in use today by tens of millions of subscribers. I have held senior level positions at Borland, Unisys, Callwave, United Online (NetZero & Juno) and Microsoft.

In the past we've helped companies transition to Agile methodologies as well as maintaining and extending Ruby-based large-scale test automation frameworks.

Currently, I prefer to work in Ruby on Rails. Its a wonderful platform that allows you to get the most bang for your buck and supports all the latest and greatest web-related technologies. This is my passion and I love building "responsive" web applications.

Click here to see the details of all my qualifications on LinkedIn.

Since forming Mission Ridge Software Consulting LLC, I've worked with several companies and they have had a lot of great things to say about the services Mission Ridge Software Consulting LLC provided. Check out these recommendations:


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It is not very often that you get the opportunity to work with an engineer like Jon. I was fortunate enough to work alongside him for the better part of a year. He has a true passion for code quality and maintainability that shows through his work. He is always a strong advocate for clear documentation and following best practices.

Not only is Jon extremely knowledgeable about object-oriented design and leadership, but he is always looking for ways to share this knowledge amongst the team. He is constantly focused on improving the team and its workflow in any way possible. Jon is always happy to help answer anyone's questions and does a great job of mentoring any engineers on the team who are eager to learn.

Jon is an amazingly hard working engineer and a great addition to any team.

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I have worked closely with Jon on scaling our microservice architecture in order to speed up development cycles and handle larger loads. Jon is incredibly knowledgeable on best practices, understands the business value of being detail oriented, and spends just the right amount of time planning before executing.

In my time working with Jon, I learned the importance of making my work extendable, writing clear documentation and how to best communicate design concepts. Jon brings many years of experience to the table, which clearly shows in his development skills. Something unique about Jon is although he is highly skilled, he still takes the time to mentor less experienced engineers and is able to communicate using a beginners mindset, a skill I have found to be incredibly difficult in software engineering.

I no longer work directly with Jon but know that he would be happy to take a look at my code or help me talk through a tough problem if I asked, which makes him invaluable as a colleague.

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Jon joined the Procore Engineering team as a Senior Software Engineer in June of 2016. He is a self-starter who is always looking for ways to enable the broader Engineering organization to work more efficiently. In addition to sometimes working on the Change Management squad which I lead, Jon contributes to numerous broader efforts including rounding out the Financial Tribe’s portion of the Connect API. Specifically, he implemented a large percentage of the APIs across 4 of the 5 squads within the Financials tribe. Jon also led the effort to finish the Swagger 2.0 API documentation across the tribe. Recently he assisted the API squad in delivering the Connect launch and also joined the Connect API webhooks initiative. Jon has many years of experience which he brings to bear on every problem he tackles. He is always on the lookout for ways to improve software performance and in one case increased the performance by over 9,000 percent. Most of all, Jon has a laser-like focus on getting the job done.

Jon is a rock solid Rails developer. His designs, code and code reviews are always well reasoned and thorough and reflect his many years of software development experience. He is equally skilled at maintenance and troubleshooting software problems.

He is a team player, has a great sense of humor and is fun to work with and is a valued member of the Procore Engineering team. He would be an important asset to any organization considering him.

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Jon and I have worked together on a few different projects at Procore, and having Jon on the team is always a pleasure. His professionalism and ability to execute are fantastic. He has a knack for understanding the details and prefers clarity over ambiguity.

Jon is easy to work with and look forward to working with him in the future!

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Jon has a wealth of experience in all areas of software development spanning a multitude of fields and industries. He is always eager and willing to mentor less experienced team members. His attention to detail is unmatched and I regard him as an invaluable resource in our organization.

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I worked closely with Jon at Fin & Field on a large-scale Ruby on Rails 4.x application. Jon is a rock solid Rails full stack developer with many years of design and development experience that was obvious during our collaboration. He is a stalwart champion of quality and doing things right, has a great sense of humor and is a pleasure to work with. Jon is a professional who would be a key asset to any organization considering him.

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Jon is a very knowledgeable and skilled developer. He is dedicated to the success of his projects. Jon has strong communication skills and can explain things clearly and easily for non-techies. He is organized and detailed-oriented. In addition to working on code, he setup systems to track and test the project’s development so everyone was on the same page and knew where we stood. As the manager of the project, I appreciated that he put together a strong team and provided the tools for me to follow their progress. Jon is personable and fun, which makes him very easy and enjoyable to work with. Jon is someone I recommend and will call again for future projects

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I’ve worked with Jon at Fin & Field for a little over 2 years. We are both Senior Rails developers here in a fast paced startup environment. Jon is a very solid Rails full stack developer with many years of overall software experience which when combined has been key to the success of the organization. Jon is very comfortable with Agile development, test and deployment. He also has a strong background in cloud computing. Jon is a very quick learner and likes a challenge. He delivers top notch code with an emphasis on maintainability, extensibility and quality. He has a very keen focus on quality and helping the team achieve low bug counts though automated testing to ensure a positive customer experience. He is easy to work with, has a fun sense of humor and is very personable. He would be a valuable asset to any organization considering him.

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Jon is an excellent software engineer who integrates well with existing teams. Jon is easy going, a good listener and understands the needs of the business. I would recommend Jon to anyone looking for a seasoned Ruby on Rails engineer who can hit the ground running for a mission critical project.

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"RightScale contracted with Jon Marinello at Mission Ridge Software Consulting in February of 2012 to back-fill the departure of our lead developer who was responsible for a very complex automated test framework designed to verify cloud-based server implementations. Jon faced a significant learning curve at the onset of this project.

He came up to speed very quickly on an array new technologies; Ruby, Bash, Linux, Cloud Infrastructure and all our internal applications. In addition to the programming tasks, Jon has also stepped up and managed all the Test Automation Agile SDLC (Scrum) story grooming, sprint planning, estimation and sprint execution.

Jon’s focus on teamwork, professionalism and after-hours availability have had a significant impact on our success. Simply stated, Jon has done an outstanding job and has exceeded all my expectations. If you’re looking for software consulting services that you can rely on to solve tough problems, I highly recommend Jon Marinello and Mission Ridge Software Consulting."

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"Jon has rock solid software engineering skills and has done a great job maintaining and refactoring our Ruby-based test framework which tests server configurations in the cloud. He is an asset to any company."

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"Jon and I have been working together on and off since 2008. We worked together at Microsoft and most recently we have been working closely at Rightscale. Jon is responsible for the development and support of our automated test frameworks. These frameworks included the virtual monkey and rocket monkey testing tools used by my team to validate RightScales Windows RightImages and ServerTemplates.

Jon has consistently provided amazing support for my team. He has championed many important features my team has needed and he builds these new features with an extremely high level of quality. Jon is very quick to deliver and does an amazing job following up with my team to ensure that these new features are successfully integrated. If we encounter an issue, Jon is always readily available to suggest a work-around and get a fix developed quickly.

Many of my team members are offshore and Jon has always made him self available during their work day to help with issues or troubleshooting problems. Often times Jon will go the extra mile and proactively check in with my team members and make sure they are unblocked and working efficiently with the tools he supports."

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"I've had the pleasure of working with Jon on an a very fast moving and quick to yield results test automation project. I had been thinking about this project for a while, so I was pleasantly surprised when Jon not only quickly picked up the vision of the project but implemented features ahead of schedule which added value on a timescale I hadn't foreseen. During planning, he helped guide our discussions down to just the necessary details to minimize risk, yet not constrain us or over think a solution.

In short, Jon has the ability to bring true and tried Software Engineering experience to the table, while at the same time keeping an open mind to new possibilities and solutions then following that up with very pragmatic engineering skills in execution."

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"Jon is super skilled software engineer, equally great at design, implementation, troubleshooting and maintenance. We worked together for about 2 years at RightScale collaborating on internal test automation framework which was developed and maintained by him. Jon consistently provided high quality and feature rich automation tools which bring QA in my team to the next level. Besides his professionalism Jon is just a nice person, open minded and pleasure to work with. I am looking forward to work with Jon in the future."

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"Jon has been a great coach and mentor for me over the last year as I've moved into a management role in his group. He has been very supportive and generous with his time in helping me be effective in my new role, and with helping me build a solid foundation for the next stages of my career. One of my favorite things about Jon is that he recognizes and rewards character and integrity at all levels of his group. He is quick to offer both praise for success and constructive criticism when my team is missing the mark. He has the capability to offer strong technical leadership at an extremely detailed level, and is available when I need him, but he doesn't micromanage. He also has a great sense of humor and likes to keep things fun and positive at work. Basically he's a great guy to work for!

Jon also insists that all of his teams maintain the absolute highest standards in quality and engineering best practices. He wants to create software that we can all be proud of, and he creates an environment that allows me to do exactly that."

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"Jon is an one-man-army in developing and maintaining code for the testing framework used here at RightScale to test the server configuration across different cloud vendors and operating systems using the API. He always has the passion for learning new tools, technologies, and integrating it with the product he builds.

Whether it is day or night, He is available to support teams related to issues they have with the product he built and fixes them ASAP. Jons tireless work ethic and positive attitude make him a valuable professional. I would recommend Jon without hesitation."

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"Its been a delight to work along-side Jon. He has solid skills in design and finishing projects within deadline.

He has been instrumental in automating our testing across different cloud providers and refactoring test code in ruby to make it easier to understand and use. He is very approachable and friendly, and never hesitates to share his wisdom."

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"At the time I worked with Jon he was a senior developer of a test framework for cloud computing testing.

It was a pleasure to work with Jon, in both professional and personal area. Jon is a real Ruby and cloud computing professional, with a deep understanding of steps, which should be done to achieve project goals, and a deep understanding how this goals can be achieved.

Jon's main edges is a solid understanding of a problem and a that he is always doing he's best to solve a problem. It was a great experience for me to work with Jon"

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"Jon was my peer on the AdECN platform and managed the development team. Jon brought managerial skill, a solid sense for priorities, and personal flexibility to the role, and I was very happy with the results from his team of 20+ developers over the last year. Jon's team delivered multiple releases and features on schedule and on quality in an environment fraught with both strategic and organizational uncertainty. Jon was always willing to go the extra mile when it mattered and was able to motivate his team to do the same. Looking back, the success of AdECN is in no small measure due to the contributions of Jon and his team."

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"Jon is a wise sage and a fun person to work with. I've had the privilege of work with Jon for several years. He has always been an advocate for the highest quality software and consistently has an eye on the long term goal. Additionally, he is a great listener and does an excellent job at bringing opposing sides together.

At Microsoft, these traits where key, as we worked with many different teams, with different goals, different personas, with varying technology and complexity and under a very tight schedule. Yet, his team constantly provided extremely high quality products and always on schedule.

Jon also did a great job of managing several geographically remote development teams and they all worked together like a well-oiled machine. This made the Development/QA interface very efficient and homogenous. I hope to get a chance to work with Jon again in the future."


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